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Through my personal observations of organizations and of their people - I've studied close to 200 companies in 25 countries - I try to understand their challenges and how some are successfully met. These challenges may concern continuous innovation, creating a fully involved and motivated workforce, implementing a new leadership style in management, or building an agile company
where everyone is taking initiative to advance the corporate vision.

Working with many diverse companies globally

My own challenge in studying the diversity of companies - from steel mills and motorbike manufacturers (Harley Davidson) to insurance, IT and to wineries - is to devise common principles underlying their success. Finding these principles allows me to share them with other companies and, perhaps, to inspire their leaders to repeat the feat. The "perhaps" depends on my ability to present my findings in an engaging manner. That's why I tell many stories during my presentations; they enable me to connect with the audience and allow them to
experience what I experienced in these companies.

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For the same reason, I use a lot of humour in my presentations. Humour and tears, although I try not to elicit too many of these, colour the stories and general principles and make them memorable and inspiring. Whether or not I meet this challenge, is down to the audience to judge. As for me, I'm trying to progress and to deliver my message as best I can.

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